Coordinate Measuring Machine Probes (CMM)

Precision sensors for fast, accurate acquisition of component dimensions and surface data.

  • Manual Probe Heads

    Fixed and manual probe heads for CMMs.

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  • Motorized Probe Heads

    Motorized probe heads for CMMs.

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  • Motorized Probe Head Accessories

    Accessories for motorized probe heads.

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  • PH20

    PH20's unique "head touches" allow measurement points to be taken by moving only the probe head rather than the CMM structure.

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  • REVO

    The REVO measuring head features spherical air bearing technology and high-resolution encoders to provide ultra-high accuracy positioning.

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  • Touch Probes

    Touch probes and related accessories for CMMs.

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  • Special Probing Systems

    Special probing systems for coordinate measuring machines.

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  • Gram Gage

    The gram gage allows you to adjust, reset and check probe trigger force settings.

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  • CMM Probe Shanks

    Shanks are used to mount the probe head to the quill of the CMM.

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  • Changing Racks

    Modular changing racks provide rapid automatic changing of probe modules and styli.

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