Repair By Exchange (RBE)

RFM offers a range of repair and refurbishment services to ensure performance and compliance with your quality assurance and business requirements.

  • CMM

    Precision sensors for fast, accurate acquisition of component dimensions and surface data.

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  • Machine Tool

    Renishaw's machine tool touch probes, laser probes and software can help reduce set-up times by up to 90% and improve your process control.

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  • Recievers and Interfaces

    Transmitters/receivers and machine interfaces, designed for mounting within the machine's working envelope or machine tool cabinet.

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  • Gaging Systems

    With the patented low-cost design, unique construction and method of operation, Equator systems are a high speed comparative gauge for inspection of medium to high volume manufactured parts.

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  • Calibration Systems

    Machine performance measurement and diagnosis is essential to establish a known and repeatable level of process capability.

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  • Replacement Parts

    Accessories and spare parts.

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