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For 35 years Renishaw, one of the world's leading metrology companies, has supplied products to manufacturing companies worldwide, all designed to increase productivity and improve product quality in a competitive manufacturing environment.

Learn More supplies only genuine Renishaw Coordinate Measuring Machine Probe Heads, Renishaw Coordinate Measuring Machine Touch Probes, Renishaw CMM Probe Shanks, Renishaw Machine Tool Probes (including inspection probes and tool setting probes), Renishaw styli, stylus and accessories.

Renishaw has a wide product range and a customer base across a broad spectrum of different industries. Renishaw was best known for its probe systems for coordinate measuring machines (CMM’s) and CNC machine tools. Renishaw's probe systems for CMM’s are an industry standard, and the use of the company's touch probes for machine tools is accepted practice for automating tool setting, workpiece set-up and gaging on machining centers and CNC lathes.