Renishaw M2 3 mm Silver Steel Cylinder Stylus - 12.75 mm length (A-5004-7590)

SKU A-5004-7590

    mm in
A Ball Diameter 3.0 0.12
B Length 12.75 0.50
C Stem Diameter 1.5 0.06
D Effective Working Length (EWL) 3.8 0.15
  Mass Grams 0.6 0.6
Styli Diagram
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Product Description

Cylinder Styli

These are used for probing holes in a thin sheet material. In addition, various threaded features can be probed and the canters of tapped holes located. Ball-ended cylinder styli allow full datuming and probing in X, Y, and Z directions, this allowing surface suspension to be performed. 

Part number: A-5004-7590

Legacy part number: M-5000-4153

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